Elena 3

About the photographer

I am a graduated photographer out of love.

I photographed my first weddings in 2016 in my beautiful hometown Hannover. My pictures are emotional and authentic. I love to capture natural and real moments that reflect you as you really are.

My goal is to capture this beautiful day perfectly for you to create memories for eternity. It is especially important to me to get to know you personally, to know who you are and what your wishes and concerns are.

I look forward to you all!

Event formats

Photographic services in the private sector:

–  Weddings

–  Fashion

– People


01_Stephie & Robert Babybauch-8754
04_Effi & Maik-10_neu
07_Stephie & Robert Babybauch-8236
10_Effi & Maik-464
02_Effi & Maik-155
05_Nadine & Tobi-3630
08_Effi & Maik-202
11_Paulina & Chris-3403
03_Olga & David -8023
06_Standesamt Anne & Marvin-5720
09_Standesamt Anne & Marvin-6507
12_Ben & Alex-0446