We do not see ourselves as an “artist file”. We know all artists personally and have been working with each of them for a long time in a spirit of trust. This enables us to assess who suits your event and creates the right atmosphere there. Events are individual and not every artist is suitable for every event.

The philosophy of the Morella Event Agency is that we work with artists and service providers we know personally and have experienced live to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Would you like to book an artist that we do not know yet? Then we will be happy to search with the help of our contacts and our experience for a suitable artist for your event and won’t put any less value on the characteristics of the artist.

We provide professional DJs, bands, singers, saxophonists, sand artists and other artists and services for your event, but we also offer photographers, caterers, moderators and last but not least the right locations.

Why you should book artists via the Morella Event Agency? Because our artist management employees are on stage themselves as musicians and have a large network of bands, DJs and other acts.


Here you can get further Information about our DJs, artists and services.

Our artist's search includes:

  • Bands

  • Singers

  • Saxophonists

  • Sand artists

  • Photographers

  • Moderators

With us your Event is in good Hands. Please contact us.

Here you can find the Right DJs, Artist and Services for your Event.