About the band

Once you have enjoyed a live spectacle from SIXPASH, you see and hear music professionals who know how to give their audience a good time. By eliminating samples and flat copies, the band refutes the stereotypes associated with cover bands, preferring instead to raise the standard to a high musical standard in their shows, serving each of their punchy covers with a tick of individuality.

The rule is that your individually selected set of current favorite songs and glorious classics is as colorful and danceable as well thought-out and accurate.

Gigs in front of several thousands of people, such as the Schlossgrabenfest in Darmstadt, at the Sommerfest in Allerpark Wolfsburg by RADIO 21 or for MDR JUMP at the Stadtfest Chemnitz testify to the handmade quality that blows off the stage at SIXPASH shows. Fun, passion and one or two spontaneous guitar solos included.

SIXPASH has been playing together as a band since 2002!


– Rock-/Pop Cover

SIXPASH - Electronical Press Kit


Live Performances for:

– Fraport

– MDR & MDR Jump

– RPR1

– Steigenberger Hotels

– Weber Grill


– Hessischer Rundfunk

– Radio 21

– Sparkasse

– and many more