About the band

DEEP PASSION sets standards and stands out from the crowd of bands.

With their unique live performance and unmistakable manner, they have not only made a name for themselves in Celle & Hanover, but are also known nationally and can convince organisers all over Germany of their skills.

DEEP PASSION impress with their large repertoire that also covers, for example, Oktoberfest and Polish music. For years, they have been accompanying the Rhenish Carnival in Lower Saxony quite traditionally with music.

Throughout Germany and beyond, they are on the road for you to celebrate with you and to experience an unforgettable day.


– 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s

– Charts

– Rock

– Pop

– Soul

– Hip-Hop

– Party music

– Jazz standards and Classics

– Walking act’s (Saxophone, Akkordeon, E-Piano, Contrabass, E-Bass, Cajon, A-Git)

Deep Passion - Trailer 2018


– R+V Europa insurance

– Sparkasse

– Baker Hughes


– Dehoga association

– Brauhaus Hanover

– real GmbH

– worked together with George McCra, Harpo, Ross Antony, Chris Andrews, Mary Roos.