Brazzo Brazzone (Foto: Isabelle Hannemann)

About the band

The brass band “Brazzo Brazzone & The World Brass Ensemble” was founded in spring of 2012 by Daniel Zeinoun. The studied jazz musician was until then active in various jazz, funk and salsa ensembles.

According to a legend, his – until then completely unknown to him – Italian great-grandfather Brazzo Brazzone appeared in his dream and gave him the order to re-establish the fabulous World Brass Ensemble.

The Hanoverian-Palermo band Brazzo Brazzone & The World Brass Ensemble is thus the only Italo-World-Groove Brass Band of its kind worldwide.
The sensationally powerful sound of the band is characterized by a wild mix of jazz, rock, funk, latin and Balkan beats. Unknown original compositions by the nono and his world-famous hits in the original “verzioni brazzoni” will be presented.


– Jazz

– Rock

– Funk

– Latin

– Balkanbeats

Brazzo Brazzone - Bello Ciao (Cover)


– Münster Stadtfest/feat Elvis Presley

– Hameln Pflasterfest

– Delmenhorst Kultursommer

– Noche Italiana/Mandelsloh

– Jazz im Sternenhof

– Haus am Walde/ Bremen

– Festa di Citta

– Fiesta di Noche

– Höckerfest Herford

– Frühlingsfest Wiesenau

– Köstritzer Jazzfestival

– Festa di Gilde

– Lange Nacht der Theater Hannover Schauspielhaus